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Kitty Hearts (Set of 3)

Kitty Hearts (Set of 3)

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Pet Does your pup or kitty suffer from bad breath? Do you want to prevent future vet visits? THEN GO WOOL! 

Wool animal toys give your pet the instant gratification of sinking their teeth into a fuzzy ball!

What do they do? 
1. Cleans their teeth. They love the sensation on their gums and teeth. 
2. Prevents future cavities. 
3. Helps with stinky breath. 

Dogs.. even large dogs love to keep these around rather than destroy them! 

Small hearts - cats 
Small balls - cats
Medium balls - cats and small dogs
Large balls - cats, small dogs, and enormous dogs 

Please do not give small items to small children. Not intended for human use in mouth. 

Colors will come as variety packs of 3. Large balls sold as singles and are grey only. 

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