Collection: Riddle Hats

Oh my stars! Our favoritist thing of alllllll.... 
da da da daaaaaaa.... PLEASE WELCOME... "Riddle Hats." 

Our hats will all consist of different materials and embellishments. Some will be painted, others will have custom-designed decals, and future ones will have.. Shhhh not telling you yet! But, we have plans let's just say. 

Most of our hats are designed and crafted by the Riddle family, however, we may sneak a few in here and there that we love from our fellow artisans. 

To answer the number one question being asked right now... YES! We will eventually do customs, however, please understand that in doing so different materials and media may need to be purchased for us to do so, as well as practicing the artwork for approval. Especially if it's not our norm. Prices will reflect this of course, but, we just want to be sure you love it and also that we are proud of it.