Our final release of "Oil Slick"

Our final release of "Oil Slick"


The babywearing community was such a joy in our lives and although years have passed swiftly and our children have grown, holding our littles close will always be one of the many blessings we were able to experience. 

A lot has happened since the babywearing community was last in the spot light. I don't see this amazing movement continuing with the strength it once had. Time does change as they say, but, why stop the spread of babywearing benefits?

After many hours of thought we have decided to help assist in getting new families, caregivers and parents on board with this amazing, loving, unforgettable beneficial experience.

We feel that pricing had gotten out of hand previously. Suppliers were selling US buyers woven fabric at what some would call a ridiculous price. This may be the only benefit of time passing. Manufactures are offering better pricing and because of this, we can now have minimal marks on our product. We've rescued you from customs and heavy import and shipping fees, while we also double check for quality, wear ability and sizing. 

Starting Oct 3rd @ 10am EDT we will have our final re-release of our first woven, "Oil Slick." 

We hope this will be the first of many small releases. We have several popular designers that will appearing in our shop over the months to come. Our biggest goal as we mentioned to our manufactures is pricing. We need the pricing to be reasonable so that people can afford to wear their children during this difficult time. 

We hope that you get excited in spreading the word with us on our future releases. We will be having games, contests, and giveaways along the way.

Let's rev this amazing experience up! Our babies and toddlers are safest when we wear them!

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