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MONQ (Mountain)

MONQ (Mountain)

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MONQ personal aromatherapy diffusers use vaporizer technology to deliver all-natural essential oil blends in classic aromatherapy combinations, all of which are free of nicotine and tobacco, GMOs, and artificial ingredients and are 100% organic and vegan. Breathe our blends into your mouth, pause, and breathe out through your nose. MONQ should not be inhaled into the lungs.

How long do they last?

While use differs by person, most MONQ devices provide approximately 200 breaths of Therapeutic Air®.  Each diffuser lasts between 1-6 months depending on usage.

Because MONQ blends have a robust taste, most users are satisfied taking 2-3 breaths every few hours. Often users find they need to take fewer, softer breaths than they initially anticipated.  Users who are particularly sensitive to external stimuli (including aromatherapy) often like to soften the impact of each breath, by inserting their fingertip as a spacer between their mouth and the device. Not surprisingly, these users find their personal diffusers last far longer, sometimes more than 300 breaths.

Is Monq safe?

MONQ supports you on your path to a healthy lifestyle, and it is our goal to provide you with safe products that help you live your best life. To learn more about the safety of MONQ products, we encourage you to visit are not intended for persons under 18 years of age. While MONQ products are safe, we do not wish to encourage the hand-to-mouth habit that may lead to unhealthy habits, such as smoking.


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