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Sky Blue Arachne

Instachew PETKIT Cat Scratch and Play Mat

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PETKIT Cat Scratch and Play Mat

The balls are meant for the PETKIT 4 in 1 Cat Scratcher. You can also use them separately so your cats can have some extra fun. There are two balls. One orange ball that contains a bell and two green balls that contain catnip. The Scratcher bed comes with a base unit that can hold 2 balls and scratchboard. The replacement board is only for the Petkit 4 in 1 Cat Scratcher. The board is 100% non-toxic, extra-thick cardboard.



  • šš”š€š‹šˆš“š˜: Premium quality pet ball with bell made with top quality material and non toxic dye, which is both wear resistant and bite resistant

  • šƒš„š’šˆš†š & š‚šŽš‹šŽš‘: This addictive, interactive cat toy moon designed balls comes with green and orange color; Also the green ball contains the finest quality of catnip that will satisfy your cat's senses

  • šš„š’š“ š…šŽš‘ š„š—š„š‘š‚šˆš’š„: Our high resistant cat toy bell ball helps your cat always stay active, fit and healthy; It helps your pet get active with much needed daily exercise and excitement

  • š’š„š‹š… šš‹š€š˜ š“šŽš˜š’: These cat balls are the self play interactive cat toy; You don't need to spend much more time to play with your cats; This is perfect toy for your pet

Cat Scratcher:

  • šˆšš“š„š‘š€š‚š“šˆš•š„ š“šŽš˜š’: This cat bed has an interactive design for your snuggle puppy; Both cat balls are very eye catching; The green ball has cat nip and the orange ball has a bell

  • š‚šŽšŒš…šŽš‘š“š€šš‹š„ š‚š€š“ šš„šƒ: This pet bed is very comfortable as it is a round bed with 33 centimeters of diameter; You lovely kitty cat will easily fit into it

  • š‚š€š“ š’š‚š‘š€š“š‚š‡š„š‘: A round bed shape scratcher made with nontoxic material; This is 100% harmless cat scratching bed for indoor cats

  • šŒš„šš“š€š‹ & šš‡š˜š’šˆš‚š€š‹ š…š”š: This pet bed cum toy with scratcher is a great way to help your cat get much needed daily exercise and excitement

  • š„š€š’š˜ šŒš€šˆšš“š„šš€šš‚š„ šš„š“ šš„šƒ: This Pet bed is 100 percent machine washable & dryer friendly; These two balls and the Scratchpad are all replaceable

Replacement Board:

  • šš”š€šš“šˆš“š˜: This product has a replacement board for the cat scratcher sack of 4

  • šš„šƒ šƒšˆšŒš„šš’šˆšŽš: 33 centimeter diameter and 3.3 centimeter thickness pad (13 inch diameter) allows your cat to scratch away and provides a place for them to take a snooze

  • š’š€š…š„š“š˜: This product is fully non toxic, extra thick cardboard

  • šƒš”š‘š€šš‹š„: Cat scratching pad is made of high density cardboard, not easily deformed and strong compression resistance completely releases the nature of cats, like climbing, jumping, rolling

  • šš‘šŽš“š„š‚š“ š˜šŽš”š‘ š…š”š‘ššˆš“š”š‘š„: Cute and stylish sense for catching cats' attention; This cat scratcher board can meet cats' grabbing desires and save your furniture